Fall and
fall again,
the fear is
in the head
or hands or
both – inversion
elusive before
today, an
upside down
the feet
go up,
stay for
a breath
or more
and sheer
delight now
hanging from
the notion
that until
our last
sweet breath,
we’re built
for joy, for


On Breathing

Wild roots find earth and this is how we fly,
our bodies free beneath the weight of bone,
when hands rise up like wings, become the sky,
each sweet breath climbs us closer to the sun,
and ballast from these thoughts becomes the rain,
falls into each pain I’ve guarded from you,
my vessel flooded, cracks without refrain,
as what moves inside me, moves inside you.
The inhalation opens up the gate,
the exhalation tills the solid ground,
the in and out and in and out of it,
soft feathers on the wind the only sound,
and so near silence, all wings become one
as breath moves in and out and in again.