If I have ever been a door
for you,
my lover, my friend,
my child,
or even you,
whom I only met one afternoon,
please know
that I am doing
I can to learn to be the open


Another Opening

Thunderous release,
and the sky cracks

open with a planetary
climax. Fluid, we move

from hard places into
the softest places,

thirsty and blooming,
in all this dry dirt,

rejoicing the raindrops
and also the tears.

Be the Love

When the dust gathers,
sweep the floor,
when the soil dries,
water the plants,
when mouths are hungry,
bake the bread,
when fear rises up,
tuck in the children,
when you need to be heard,
when you need to know,
ask the question,
when it gets dirty,
wash the dishes,
when it gets dark,
throw back the curtains,
when nighttime falls,
greet the day,
if you cannot comprehend,
speak only the truth,
if the door closes,
open your palms,
if you lose your way,
walk the path,
if it is love you seek,
be the love.