On the day you get into your first fight,
you tell me that now you understand
Darth Vader, how he reached
his tipping point,
and never came back,

and how the dark thing
welled up inside you
until you shoved harder than you ever knew you could,
how the other boy flew
three whole sidewalk squares,

and with the red blood
still wet on your lip, you apologized to the boy,
before the front desk buzzed me in
to gather you up, you had already
found your way

toward your own peace.  So together
we clean quietly the beginnings
of this new and storied scar,
Darth Vader never came back, you say,
but I’m a good person,

so I’ll recover.

Nine on a Friday

If the north pole
of a magnet repels
the north pole
of another magnet,
then what
will happen if
the two magnets
face east?

Human resources are
everything inside
a person’s tummy.

I’m not voting for any
of the candidates.
I want a pig to be the President,
and for all buildings to be
made out of marshmallow.

Yoda died the best way
out of all of them,
he was just old, and he
lived for two hundred
bazillion years.

You know
the people who work
in money factories?
I bet they get
paid well.

If I could ask
the Wizard of Oz
for one thing,
it would be to get bigger
so that I could play
wide receiver
in the NFL.

A Flower Child
is a child born
in the time
of spring.

I am nine
so that means
I could live this
ten more times,
which feels long
and also short.

Eskimo kiss,
butterfly kiss,
cheek kiss,
nose kiss,
forehead kiss,
ear kiss,
unicorn kiss,
eyebrow kiss,
neck kiss,
regular kiss

Drop Off

Two boys
lean against

the brick wall
by the entrance

to the school.
He says,

Goodbye for now!

and runs to join them,
leans just like

they do,

the opening

world. The yellow sun
flashes round

his ruffled

still flavored with
the sleep of morning –

and my eyes,
they cannot see

if he looks
little still,

or almost