the music of my uncle

through the speakers, a
mentor sings truths, and despite
the news, a fragile peace.


Salmonberry Arts and Publishing

Hello Friends,

Salmonberry Arts and Publishing has published a collection of my poetry on their wonderful website:

Salmonberry is an art, publishing and music production group on Cortes Island, BC, Canada. Founded in 2013 by some of my favorite artists, musicians and writers – Lisa Gibbons, Rex Weyler and Norm Gibbons – who, along with being exceptionally talented humans, are also some of my favorite folks on the planet. Please check them out:

Lisa Gibbons:

Lisa’s style of work has developed into a mixed media art form, reflecting her environment, the lush coastal landscape of British Columbia, and honoring her connection with imagery from ancient cultures, their art, symbols, and universal archetypes. The themes of her work include the collective unconscious, honoring the wild and sacred, and finding ways to transcend merely human concerns. Her work incorporates watercolour, acrylic, drawing, collage, assemblage, encaustic, gold leaf, creating rich, textured and multi-layered surfaces.

Rex Weyler:

Rex Weyler is a writer on Cortes Island, BC., in Canada. His most recent work is a collection of 14 songs,  “Catch the Light.”His books include Greenpeace, about the founding of the ecology group; Blood of the Land, about indigenous nations in the Western Hemisphere and their response to European colonization; and The Jesus Sayings, a first century history. He is a co-author of Chop Wood, Carry Water, a collection of historic teachings and practical advice.  Rex Weyler was a director of the original Greenpeace Foundation, the editor of the organisation’s first newsletter, and a co-founder of Greenpeace International in 1979.

Norm Gibbons:

Forthcoming from Salmonberry Arts and Publishing is his fictional trilogy, Edge of Desolation, covering an one hundred year period beginning in 1919 on Cortes Island. Volume One, Voyage of the Arrogant explores the lasting effects of hubris. Praise for Voyage of the Arrogant:

“In this vast and astonishing debut novel, Norm Gibbons tells a sweeping tale of adventure and chicanery. Mythic in scale, Voyage of the Arrogant pays meticulous attention to the poetry of time and place, taking us from the brooding seascapes of Canada’s Desolation Sound to the high peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro, from the turn of the last century into the future. The cast of characters is memorable. Outlaws and murderers, fishermen poets and pederast priests, oyster farmers and sea captains, widowed wives and fatherless sons bring the legends of the Pacific Northwest brilliantly to life. I read this book with enormous pleasure, heightened only by the knowledge that it is the first of a trilogy.”
– Ruth Ozeki, Man Booker 2013 finalist, A Tale for the Time Being