Runny Noze Blues

Little cold bug, little bugger, little slugger,
why you got my nose?  All sneaky and leaky,
why you land here? I been washing these hands dear,
after the car and before the jar,
after each shakin’,
before cookin’ the bacon,
but today you are takin’ me down.
All the tea I am drinkin’,
the children, they’re thinkin’
I have too much more I will drown.

I got the runny noze blues
inside these slippered foot shoes,
can I just press the snooze
one more time?

But work, it is callin’, and lunches need made,
and I’m not in the mood to discuss the math grade.
The tissues they’re pilin,’ while I try to keep smilin’,
but the phone won’t stop ringin’,
I feel like I’m whinin’
my lover, he’s waitin’,
and my mother, she’s writin’,
but the trash can is fillin’, and oh good god willin’
this hot toddy ain’t just lemonade.

Said the pillow, so soft, to the noze,
my dear, it’s high time for repose,
when your thoughts start to wander,
git that bed over yonder,
go tuck yourself in, despite your chagrin,
let a new day begin!
If you drip in the night,
it will all be alright,
‘cause tomorrow you will change your clothes.
You will!  Yes,
tomorrow you’ll put on new clothes.

“Phases” by Erika Moss Gordon Now Available for Pre-Order

Phases Cover

NOW AVAILABLE for pre-order from:
Middle Creek Publishing and Audio’s
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Phases by Erika Moss Gordon
Release date February 2nd
Paperback, 67pp.

Erika Moss Gordon’s poetry opens the mystic door that transforms the events of daily life into moments of epiphany. We discover who we are, not in grand, award-winning actions, but in paying attention to how we relate, every day, to the world around us. 

-Rex Weyler, Co-Founder, Greenpeace International and author of Greenpeace and Blood of the Land 

Reading these poems, I find myself simultaneously wanting to applaud and to sit very, very still and let their wisdom do its quiet work. I thrill in these revelations—layers of knowing and unknowing, these dances with the mystery. This collection is very much driven by love, is a mirror to meet you wherever you are in your own journey of how to love the world, to love yourself.

-Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Colorado Western Slope Poet Laureate, The Miracle Already Happening, The Less I Hold

Simultaneously sensual and meditative, these poems honor the sense of the sacred in daily life. With awareness of one’s interiority mirrored in the external environment, Gordon explores the delights of the natural world, of love and the beauty of the human spirit.

A celebration of mystery, deeply mindful, in a modern mountain-west mode. The tight simplicity of Gordon’s lines are as unclouded as the Colorado sky.  These poems allow frailty to become elegance, their inner resilience unfolding a potency rooted in place & moment.  Skillful line-breaks imbue her work with a fixed-economy of words treasured by minimalist, rewarding the inquisitive reader with added meaning and shadow.

Cover features the mixed- media painting “Unfurl”,  by Colorado artist Kellie Day. Check out her beautiful offerings at Kellie Day Art.

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