Retrievers in Autumn Haiku

Shirt full of sun golds,
and Frankie eats blackberries
off of the last vine.

Eight loaves of bread from
one behemoth zucchini.
Beat it, slug posse.

September’s end, taste
all things delicious on the
way to winter’s kiss.


The Gratification of Tomatoes

The farm overflows in the bowl,
radishes climb atop one another,

stems tied soft
like a ponytail,

loose and long,
the green pepper curls

like the lovers in the garden,
I hear them whisper

through the breeze
and the open window.

Three tomatoes on the sill.
We will taste them all.


I would like to invite you into every place
I knew once

as a child, like songs, with lyrics too,
that lived inside

the nighttime chirp of crickets, or to stand at the edge
of the world,

our feet stained orange from sunset and the scales
of fishes,

we’d walk beneath the constellations
and later

draw them on our pillows so that our first two
fingers, lovers,

could sleep beneath. I want to find the secret
places again,

between the stones, and take you there.
The doorway

is partway open, an invitation,
my heart,

let’s go.