Paper Leaves

Last night
the wind came, swept beneath
all thoughts I had
of holding on.

And so it goes,
we all must fall,
the ground looks different
from up here.

You danced across
the window, dear,
behind the pane,
though not alone.

And now it seems
so long ago
I watched you open
toward the sun.

I can’t remember
how it felt
to be so green,
to be so young.

We’re changed,
not what we used to be,
we’re somehow lighter,
paper leaves.


One Crossing

Our house,
from across the creek,
looks like a fantasy,

one window lit
beneath a streak
of yellow sunset. I want

to live there,
inside my own life,
unnamable longing,

so quiet,
your hand in mine,
the leaves

now gold, a tunnel
home, the shape
of evening.