Broken system,
high glossed –
we let you
throw your words
like hand grenades.
I want to cover
the ears of my children.
You make it ok
for others to be bullies, too.
Obstruction of justice,
due process cock blocking,
Supreme Court circus
pummeled by playground vitriol –
what is happening?
Already enough
violence and pain,
hunger and suffering
for one thousand lifetimes.
If this were an elementary school,
the classroom psychologist
would have been called in
last semester.
Your hate,
an aberration,
a toxic symptom
of a broken world.
So we will keep on loving,
the only antivenin,
and hope that somehow
it will stop the bite
before the poison
spreads too far.

“When the Lover of Spring Betrays Me”

A collaborative text poem:  My good and lovely friend Melanie texted me today with this title.  She requested a poem to reflect the, ahem, general sentiment of the May weather we have been having.  The below was the resultant poem-in-text…


Our coats – they do not work
anymore, for our eager
blood has thinned
with springtime.

Like a cold joke, I am
scraping the window
to the tittering
of birdsong.

No sun, no warm shelter,
no splash of flower
nor scent of wet dark earth,
no walk with friend

or lover.
Fuck you, snowflake, I say.
And the car door