Stag on the Lawn at Sunrise

Hooves on deck boards
wake me out
of dream, antlers

tattered, rack his long
and wandering days
like closets hung with

humble lessons, whole
and broken, he is
the story of many

seasons in these mountains,
and I know that we are
both blessed to be alive

inside the golden
stillness of a delicate
dawn.  We look

at each other
for a long time, mirror
pupils like two black

pools, quieter than
the quietest morning,
and just as softly,

he is gone,
as another
holy day unfurls

into the sunshine of itself
outside the open
window, and my heart,

in equal
parts, breaking
and opening.

The Little Cheese Shop

The only thing
more scrumptious
than the dairy mosaic

stacked haphazardly
to perfection
is the red-scarfed woman

behind the counter,
her face swallowed
in a smile, she slices slivers

from inexplicable blocks,
laughs at your ecstasy
and at your goat-barn

astonishment. She offers
tastes of secrets
that come from deep

under the ground
and expounds
the mystery of accidents,

like the blue fungus
that appeared in a vein,
and the fact that two

weary travelers
have wandered
into this wooden box

of pure delight
in a small Irish village
one parish away from Boston.

And when she wraps
your handmade treasure
in white paper and says,

It is because
you have
so much joy,

you know that this
is the meaning
of your life.

love letters haiku

light snow falls on grass
green with spring, I want to speak
to you of softness.

from the other room,
a song, and just the whisper
of a melody.

flightless blackbirds on
the tops of cottonwoods, a
stillness inside me.

this brightly painted
world, more beautiful because
your soul has touched it.

let your breath be the
calm around you, fill this space
with courageous love.

Beyond the Ruins

In a morning desert
where the red rocks hang
from the misty remnants
of last nights storm,

up and up
between the
shrouded clouds
and into the silent blue,

the canyon opens
like the ancient mouth
and whispers the thing
that you have always known.

And so you
stop to listen
as if your life
depended on it,

which certainly it does,
then mount your
wheeled horse and pedal fast
over rocks and sand,

as the world behind you
disappears into the revelation
of a perfect yellow
winter sun.