Fortune Teller/Erzulie

Voodoo girl,
you are my guru,
my sister,
my teacher,
my midnight preacher,
bare all, dare all,
beware all,
stoke your fire,
your deep desire.
These are the days of reckoning,
of beckoning,
and beckon you do,
by revelation,
quiet invitation
of all that is you,
undeniably true,
fortune teller,
like a Petro loa,
a bayou boa,
jump in, jump in
to your center card,
your heart is your art,
your map, your chart,
lest you discover
this war is over,
your ship is sailing on
like the ripe red dawn,
and everything you need
is already on board,
your peace, your sword,
your just reward,
all you need tonight
by the white candlelight
is faith restored
and to climb aboard.


Why Not Tonight?

light a candle
turn on warm water
let it flood over you
run your fingers through
     your hair

light the fire
turn down the covers
let them cover you
run your eyes across
     the pages

light the canvas
turn on the colors
let them unfurl and
run into
     each other

light your imagination
turn off your mind
let your muse
run out through
     your heart