Day 21

The day was undoubtedly spring-like.  The doors and windows are open.  The grass is greening every day.  We played rounds of our new invented football game, “Big Chungus,” and we are looking forward to the new trampoline net which should be here by today so that the game can be played in full force.

I had this thought the other day about how I used to slack when my little brother wanted to play football when we were kids – mostly in my preteen/teen years – when I was kinda over it.  I am now certainly making up for those lost football hours.  We play almost every evening.

I went on a long walk solo, saw people driving, riding bikes with masks on.

Yesterday we got the grill going for the first time this season with burgers.  We ate outside.  The kids played until it was dark, and then they slept in the “tiny house” outside (playhouse).  We ran an electrical cord out so that they can watch their shows.  It was so cute to see the little windows glowing. At around 10:45pm, M ran in with a bloody nose from getting swatted by his sister (by accident) as they were adjusting for sleep.  Other than that, it was a huge success, and I hope there will be more of these adventures.

Keeping busy with work, kids started back up with school today,  almost finished “Where the Crawdads Sing,” which I will pass along to M,  we ordered new card game + books for M, new paints for M…onward we roll into April.

My new word….allow.

Day 21 was a good transition into restarting school. I did a lot of art and hung it around my room, then I went outside and played football with my brother. After, we slept in the tiny house. This was a lot of fun because we had time to just talk. We never have time to talk and we learned a lot about each other. This day was calming and getting along with my family makes quarantining with them better. I still talk to my friends every day so I’m realizing how similar it is to physically being around them. We still talk like we used to, the only difference is that it is through a screen. I cannot believe we are already on day 21. That seems so crazy to me. Time has been going a lot quicker than I thought it would. That is a huge plus side because that means school will finish quicker. I really hope this virus slows down during the summer and I can see my friends more. Everyone misses each other so much and that makes me excited for the moment we see each other. We have already made a lot of plans for what we are going to do at the end of this. We’re going to have a lot of group sleepovers and hangouts. We’re going to cherish our time together and be so much more grateful for it than we were before. I’m so glad that everyone has kept in contact with each other so well. This shows us how strong our friendships are and that we can literally get through anything. I got new art supplies and I have a show that I love so I feel like I’m finally settling down in my own home.

Today was our last day of break so my mom didn’t make us go on a hike. For breakfast I had bagels and lox and played games with my friends. We hung around the house and I played on my trampoline. After dinner I taught my sister how to do a backflip then we slept in the mini house we have in our backyard.

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