After A Day of News

All day it rose
like a tide,
the full moon
in my throat,
though I was
not ready for
that blue light,

so when night
fell, the whole
house empty,
candle lit and
dishes placed,
it’s then that
it appeared,

the patient
moon, like a
great sob, the
closest chair
an anchor
and my tears,
the opening sea.

5 thoughts on “After A Day of News

  1. There’s a lot going on between the lines of this one; while the opening tells us it is metaphor, the switch to a more literal descriptive style in the final stanza helps to blend the two ideas, one of internal emotion and the other of a rising moon. It feels like a release to me, not necessarily a happy one, but an important one nonetheless.

  2. You continue to wow me with your incredible insight and talent. This one was like being stabbed in the heart with an icicle. I mourn for the America that was and its values. This one sounded and felt like an anthem for and from the recently downtrodden in our once great country. Thank you.

  3. A great sadness has fallen on us, and the tears are justified. It is important to feel what is happening, then, of course, (and I know you know this) we will take action to return the balance. You words are cathartic. We need the poets and the artists and the humanitarians now more than ever because you all help us shine the light in the darkness.

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