In Rewind

If we grew backward,
would we celebrate
wisdom? Would we dye

our hair to grey
when the blonds
started coming in?

Would glossed
magazines be graced
with the faces of sages

and the soft eyes
of the enlightened?
Would we feel nervous

as the numbers
kept ticking away,
unwinding the dial

of our hand-hewn
hearts? And would
our perceived

relevance fade as we
trembled on the edge
of young adulthood

and started making
bad decisions?
From teen to child

to baby we would grow.
I may be distracted,
our toddler self would say,

but I was old once, too.
And with trepidation,
we’d contemplate

that final passage
through some alleged
long, dark tunnel,

a disappearing light,
soothed only by the notion that
our Parents would carry on.


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