Four Winter Haiku

Startling, how much light
morning snow balances on
one tiny tree twig.

Tracks of deer on the
front porch – so much happens when
we are not watching.

If only we could
make egos into snowballs
to throw at ourselves.

Let us love like your
fireplace, not mine – screw propane,
let’s burn some real wood.

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Happy Holidays!


Before you died,
you told me
that these shelves

would look better filled
with books. This little house
has since become

a home,
rooms overflowing
with the footprints

of my children
and the voices
of friends. Our lives,

a stacking
of sweet and tattered

resemble now
these beautiful
bursting shelves,

now dusty, and topped
with your alabaster urn,
silver in the moonlight.