For You

I want to bake you cupcakes
with sprinkles. I want to
write you poetry and read
you books like my parents
did. I want to smell your hair
for too long and kiss you
and put cream on your rashes
and band aids on your thumbs.
I want to brush your hair
and fold your clothes and sew
your stuffed animals. I want
to sing to you every night
and watch you dance and run
after a soccer ball and fly
down a mountain. I want to
hear the best part of your day
and also the worst. Every day.
I want to cut off your crusts,
and I want to make you eat your
vegetables. I want to let you
have dessert before dinner
sometimes and sleep in my bed
sometimes. I want to come to you
in the night when you call
and tuck your blankets up under
your chin and fill your water glasses
and hear your dreams. I want to watch
cartoons with you and listen
to your stories and jump with you
on the trampoline. I want
to make you smoothies with fresh
peaches and strawberries, and teach
you how to love guacamole
and artichokes. I want to give you
hot chocolate in the morning
and sit with you by the fire. I want
to help you with your homework and
help you manage your tempers
without losing mine. I want to
take you on an airplane and on
a road trip and stay home to watch
deer eat the grass on the lawn.
I want to help you find your way
when your way needs help finding.
I want to do all of these things for as long
as you want for me to do them and then,
with grace, I want to know how to let you go.


6 thoughts on “For You

  1. This is so beautiful! I love it that you are so aware of all the amazing aspects of being a parent and that you are so present with this part while you have it. I am finding that the “letting go” is a lifetime process and that each of the seasons has it’s own beauty.

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