Blue Truck Particle Theory

The blue truck in the driveway
is a reminder of how it used to be,
except that these days
the edges are softer.  Already,
the porch lights have been turned on.
That never happens anymore.

A mother and a daughter sing together
on the way home.  The high notes
are hard so those are the loudest. They are
happy that no one is listening.
They are happy to be two girls
singing.  They are happy.

The boys are home already.
“The Boys.”
We don’t say that much anymore.
But here they are,
the porch lights on, the soccer game,

Tonight we watched a film
about scientists crashing subatomic particles
into one another in search of the single crumb
that might unlock the mystery of us
and of the universe.  When the key was discovered,
everything became harder to explain.

Perhaps it is not the answer we need at all,
but rather the opportunity
to let the old theory die,
to settle at last into a new darkness,
so that we may finally come home to
an unexpected light.


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