December Ramble

We tumble
down the white path
barely there,
past naked aspen
and the tips of sticks
whose buds have yet
to bulge.  Blue river
chimes beneath
the frozen snow,
our shoes not right
for post-holing,
but our stories
enough to ward off darkness
until the parked car appears,
and the sun sinks down
through a starry hole
in the Colorado sky.

Courage on Solstice

Beautiful daughter

in black lace
 the door,

two children 
with flowers,

warm quiche,

they remove
their boots, nod
slowly yes

to visit
her mother’s body,

now empty,

and whiter
than the snow
that falls. Their only

sight from candles,
as the sun
stands still,

preparing to return,
at last,
the light.