Gratitude to a Sore Throat

At the jungle lean-to
where the Utes once
piggy-backed Ute babies too,
we will find four perfect
sticks for stirring
coffee beans – penny
for a cup – you brew,
I drink,
and after fourteen cups,
you will serve me another
before we count coins
into your wallet
for an adventure
or gumballs,
or both,
Do I have enough for both?
And the helicopter
will save the space shuttle
from the slithering sea monsters
somewhere over the Indian Ocean
as the flush-cheeked pilot
lands on the lambskin rug,
his head on the lap
that will never tire
of these rescues.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude to a Sore Throat

  1. Oh I love this! I had my boy home sick yesterday too….only now it’s very “serious” sketching with the guide of a “how to draw….book” and creating custom cleats from Nike online that we will never buy but are fun to look at. Rescue on, Adventure Awaits!

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