yoga morning haiku

breath to body
each voice sighs until the room
fills with letting go.

I’m a beginner,
he worries.  aren’t
we all.

slip away and everything
becomes possible.


Sushi Afternoon

Listen to the same album
four times
maybe more

and the air so ripe
with water
in the long

lush afternoon.
Under the cloud
ceiling, minutes

give way to hours
as you make
your way

through the kitchen,
hands weaving

and textures
for the people
that you love.

The Last Drive

We drove in that car,
a rental, midsize,
you and I

past palm trees
and the ocean waving
like goodbyes

and grocery bags flying
in traffic, plastic spirals
in the sky.

The highway
was fast, faster
than your body had obliged

in many months
until this drive
and so I

Is it

your reply,

and you asked,
Can’t we just keep driving
and driving

My answer
made you smile

and we were quiet
then for quite
some time.