The Fort

The Fort has seven rooms.
The red room is the snack room.

The white room is one bedroom,
and the green room is the other.

The tunnel room is his office,
the cove between the ottoman

and the chair is hers.  The
white sheet tunnel room

is where snacks are passed in,
but it is not for drinks.  Drinks

are to be passed under the stool
which is where they are to stay –

in the blue room.  The doors
between the rooms are to remain

closed.  Small people are allowed
in the fort, large people are not

(unless they are called in for damage
control or summoned for snack

delivery).  It takes 17 stuffed animals,
11 blankets, nine pillows, six handfuls

of goldfish (provides adequate
crumb base in red room), and two

children to turn this living room into
the only place I want to be.


8 thoughts on “The Fort

  1. Do I ever like this! It brings back memories of a long ago time when our daughters were young and forts were really castles and great princes and princesses thundered across the tops of quilts on beds and the whole world was so wonderful that nothing could ever disturb the foreverness of everything!

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