Three things I am:
1. Comfortable in the quiet house
2. Trusting of this heart
3. Confident in the unfolding

Three things I am – also:
1. Uneasy in the quiet house
2. Hesitant of this heart
3. Uncertain in the unfolding

but what is the point
of definitions

when tonight
all that matters

is the way
that the sharp,

slender moon
has rocked

into a perfect
white crescent?

El Sueño

In the hours between
the rooster and the dog,
where the round rock

balances impossibly,
the Mexican Buddha
watches the horizon,

unwavering in the shadow
of the white breasted
frigate.  Still-winged

raven etches black
circles on the salty mist
and is also tattooed

across the back
of the Buddha. 
Heron bones swivel

pale feathers and foam
along surf’s edge calling
silently, burn bright

and return to the sea.